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Refugee Community Partnership is a community-driven organization working to build unique, holistic, and comprehensive support infrastructure for relocated families. All of Refugee Community Partnership’s initiatives are born out of grassroots community assessments; from the start, they have listened. Through community feedback sessions, they regularly evaluate their efficacy, reflect on lessons learned, and make course changes as needed.


Refugee Community Partnership has three core programs: Bridge Builders, Youth Education Empowerment, and Food for the Family. Through Bridge Builders, the Refugee Community Partnership matches passionate volunteers with individual families based on alignment of needs and skills/expertise. Through Youth Education Empowerment, the Refugee Community Partnership generates opportunities for leadership development, collective decision making, strategic planning, and community advocacy. Finally, through Food for the Family, Refugee Community Partnership partners with Farmer Foodshare to provide fresh, local, and organic produce to refugee families facing food insecurity.

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