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The following post was written by Tiffany Turner, a rising junior in the Bonner Leader Program at the Campus Y who received a Bonner NC Summer of Service grant for her internship at TABLE; she also received a Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation summer fellowship.    

My summer time with TABLE has come to a close, as I am spending this last full week closing up my summer fellowship through the JKH Foundation. I have enjoyed getting to experience the ins and outs of TABLE in the summer time.   It’s been a little while since I last wrote, so I’ll get you up to speed on what I’ve been doing. 

Recently, I worked on an infographic for TABLE. The infographic will share information with donors about the three places their donations go. For every $10 donated, $7 goes to our hunger relief programs, $1 to our nutrition education programs, and $2 to supplies, staff, and fundraising. Making an infographic was a lot harder than what I expected it to be. Infographics are all about drawing the viewers eyes from one piece to the next, a path. I’m including a picture of the infographic I made because I’m happy with how simple it is in nature, how it gets the point across, and its consistency with TABLE’s branding.



I also spent some time working on our Empty Bowls fundraising event, which will be held in August. I’ve done this from two different angles. First, I created an advertising video, if you will that shares some key details of the event and is almost a scrapbook of photos from previous empty bowls event. I won’t share that now because it hasn’t gone up yet, but you should follow TABLE on FaceBook for when it does come up. Second, I have been getting in contact with local businesses asking for donations of gift certificates and other raffle items for the event. Getting support by local businesses is HARD! They are asked by so many organizations to help out that it many have often allocated their budget for donations. It also takes an email. Another email. A voicemail. A phone call. And them asking you to send them another email! But, it’s always worth it in the end when you can get raffle items that will draw the community in and get them to support our cause!

 The final big piece that I am continuing to work on, even though I’m not on-site at TABLE is a grant to Bank of America. I’m on a time crunch for it, but luckily have a good basis of materials to work with. I’m excited to apply and hope that we will be able to get something out of it that will support both supplies, staff, and fundraising and our Weekend Meal Backpack Program.

 I am looking forward to returning to TABLE at the end of August as the eldest Bonner intern. I am excited for the new challenges and responsibilities that I will take on. I feel more equipped now than I did at the beginning of the summer to try and fill the shoes of both Samira and Cameron.



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