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The Street Scene Teen Center is a safe place for youth to hangout in a drug- and alcohol-free environment. Samathryn Witham, the current director, became involved in the Teen Center while she was gaining her Masters in Education degree at UNC Chapel Hill. She helped start the first Teen Week in 2013 which featured a variety of youth-oriented activities, culminating in a Battle-of-the-Bands concert with over 100 kids in attendance.

Since then, Samathryn has continued her work at the Teen Center, including the annual Teen Week celebration. Located under the Post Office on Franklin Street, the Teen Center hosts an after-school tutoring program for middle-school students as well as a variety of activities throughout the year including guest speakers, music programs, and dance classes through the Town of Chapel Hill Parks and Recreation Department. Recently, the Teen Center has been expanding as a hub for local youth, adding programs for high-school students and resurrecting the Teen Youth Council.

The Bonner Leaders have been active at the Teen Center by planning and leading the after-school program. Samathryn states that the “they are hands-on with every aspect of the after-school program… even down to the menial tasks they are always willing to help out.” She also says the Bonners are at a unique advantage to engage students because of their close proximity in age yet responsible enough to lead programs autonomously. In the future, Samathryn hopes to involve the Bonners in the Teen Youth Council and grant writing.

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Pictured above: Director Samathryn Witham
Pictured above: Director Samathryn Witham