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We work with 13 local organizations addressing issues of education, youth development, food security, and community development.

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Learn about our students, our community partners, and all of our highlights, accomplishments, and challenges in this colorful digital publication.

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Want to know how you can become a Carolina Bonner Leader and improve the community while growing your skill set? Check this out.

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The Bonner Leaders Program accepts work-study students with demonstrated leadership potential and a demonstrated commitment to public service, providing an opportunity for them to engage in intensive community work supplemented by weekly capacity-building workshops and critical issues seminars.

Bonner Voices

A Bonner Beginner

The following blog was written by Veda Patil, a first-year Bonner partnered with the Jackson Center.   Before I was a Bonner, I didn’t think I could be one. When I heard about the Bonner Leaders Program at orientation this … Continued

Bonner Congress 2017

The following blog was written by Owais Mahmood, a sophomore Bonner Leader who is partnered with Dobbins Hill and was selected to be the sophomore representative at the national Bonner Congress.  I would have imagined the experienced that I had … Continued

Close your Eyes. Breathe. Have you changed?

The following blog was written by Jerome Allen, a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill and the Bonner Leaders Program who has been working in the Ukraine through Peace Corps. “Close your eyes. Breathe. Now, imagine yourself in front of the Campus Y in … Continued

Mom, Can I Change My Flight?

The following blog was written by Aryana Bolourian, a rising Junior in the Bonner Leaders Program at the Campus Y.  Aryana works at the Teen Center as a Bonner; she is working with AISEC in Santiago Chile this summer through the Bonner International Summer of … Continued